Your mobile phone these functions, you don't even know

ring ne for so many years,
for your love,
you know how much? How many functions do you really use? Perhaps you never thought that,
in fact,
the mobile phone hidden a lot of unexpected powerful features! Here are a few points.
You can try your cell phone and see if your cell phone is available! 1,
before the simulation site,
360 mobile phones,
F4 and N4 have launched black and bull black technology - geographic location through! It is on social software that displays whatever you want to display! People cant help but want to experience it! But you know,
in fact,
many Android mobile phones already have this function! Is different from the F4 and N4 can be directly implemented in mobile phone and other Android phone through the mobile phone comes with features combined with the third party application also can be achieved through the position! Enter the phone [settings] - [developer options] - [allows analog sites] to open this function (most of the Android phones are).
Once opened,
it can be used in