This is the reason why Japan as great teaching China as the only enemy

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com even when the development of China enough to comfort the history of humiliation,
when China development is no longer the people do not want to be slaves to fight,
the driving force is not the enemy of the stimulation of the key to the development of China.
This is also the beginning of Chinas invincible state diplomacy since 1980s,
and has established various types of partnerships with most countries.
But the enemys sense of hardship still can not be ignored,
invincible foreign exchange does not mean that China is now invincible.
Chinese now faces many challenges,
the Philippines and Vietnam in the South China Sea,
the game is often accompanied by military action; the former neighbor India meet on the battleground on the boundary negotiations is still difficult to make progress,
from time to time on both sides of the tent and broke the confrontation,
the surge inevitably let the outer world guess possibility two spark a conflict a