For the first rose in front of early warning work heavy strikes to see which works the most cool

ring ,
how do I miss you ~ table powder,
todays rainy days,
where are you? The rain of tears,
can not go out Sahuan ah,
good weekend,
Zezheng? Two days ago,
Xiao Bian gave everyone spoilers 2016 world rose intercontinental Congress,
called on everyone to rose the theme of the works,
writing ah ah ah and so on,
even a conference on Roses blessing,
a variety of forms can be! After the call was issued,
a lot of table powder with small series occupy position,
said the weekend to go out to shoot flowers,
go to sketch,
let Xiaobian leave some 40 percent off of the tickets,
ha ha ha ha ha,
too cute! What do you mean by 40 percent off of my ticket? When Xiao Bian not said why ~ usually create a round table and rose related works,
text or photos (tip: those who send painting and photography table powder,
need to add pictures Oh!) It will receive a beautiful gift from the round table and enjoy the entrance fee for the theme park at the 40 percent off super low pric