After Ronaldo, the rich handsome VC behind the media...

ring y 11,
Beijing National Innovation Summit Conference Center China spring (the event on the evening of CCTV News) and BANG by CAMP,
Rong Ming capital founding partner of a high Mr Xia at the meeting notes: I talk notes man,
I was actually from an ordinary users point of view notes of man,
man in front of a few notes entrepreneur Demo China,
because I can not go to the site,
did not have the opportunity to hear a lot of several large coffee,
and notes man exists,
caught the speech information.
I think,
in the fragmented information age,
in the sharing economy,
is also a very important theme shared fragments of knowledge,
so I think that man can do it if the notes in particular segments,
doing fine,
it continued to ensure the integrity of the content,
accuracy and high quality I think that man is,
notes can be expected in the future project.
Yung Ming capital founding partner of a man in the field of high notes with joy and excitement,
notes is a toil live,
in our shared economic hear