After the market, Zhuge world because of insolvency, ST company is expected to achieve profitability during the year

ring mic Observer reporter Wang Xueqiao Geng Huili) has not landed three new board for half a year,
immediately be subjected to special treatment (commonly known as ST) Zhuge world (Beijing) Information Technology Co.
(Zhuge repair network) suddenly from a star of the company to the moment standing in the teeth of the storm.
From the point of view of the statement,
the companys profitability is very poor,
it is difficult to imagine (it) can finance.
A professional financial personage pointed out to the Economic Observer newspaper reporter,
Zhuge world report is indeed quite ugly.
Zhuge car network 2015 annual report shows: Zhuge repair network in 2015 operating income of over 95 million 760 thousand yuan,
an increase of 646.
67% over the previous year,
while the involvement of expenditure increased substantially,
the annual loss of 640 million yuan.
Because of the company at the end of the net assets of -2.
88 billion yuan,
in April 21st,
the original securities referred to as t