[interesting fish ponds] turning waste into treasure -- three good ways to preserve food

ring  there are a lot of friends have encountered problems because some food preservation,
food packaging is not self sealing,
after opening must be clipped by the clip,
some even with self sealing cannot ensure complete sealing,
after opening the bait in the hot and humid weather easily moldy flavor technician.
how to save the bait? Hope Xiaobian share three methods for fishing friends who help! Plastic bottles include a variety of beverage bottles,
health care bottles,
yogurt bottles and so on.
There are even plastic bottles specially used for storing food.
Take the bait and pour it directly into such a plastic bottle.
Mark the bait type with a marker or label outside.
The advantage of plastic bottles is that they can be well sealed.
The growth of deoxidizing agent agent can effectively inhibit fungi and aerobic bacteria,
prolong the shelf life of food,
to prevent oil rancidity,
prevent the browning of meat and prevent loss of vitamins in food can also play a very good role.
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