Information iPhone7 batteries can be increased by 2030 over two days

ring s before Apples fall conference,
but theres been a lot of talk about iPhone7.
Today any urine is about iPhone7 battery explosion news.
Apples internal apple project team is considering upgrading the iPhone7 version of the battery,
by reducing the power consumption of components,
in reducing the size of the battery,
based on the ability to enhance life.
Foxconns lover also confirmed that the Apple Corp had ordered a battery different from the iPhone6s.
Broke the news that,
compared with the current iPhone6s1715mAh capacity battery,
iPhone7 battery capacity may be between 1750-1850mAh and iPhone7; Plus battery will likely reach 3000mAh,
250mAh higher than the current 2750mAh iPhone6s Plus.
In this way,
iPhone7/7 Pluss endurance can be increased by 20%-30%,
and even under two high days,
it can be charged once.
Duck said,
iPhone battery life is always a pain in the hearts of fans,
if the Apple Corp can improve this situation,
it is worth looking forward to! IPhone7 more information