In this way, wash your face is not white, the key is to save money

ring tenderness of health.
Query disease,
health guidance,
health and disease for a classic,
wash + vinegar in the water add some vinegar,
which is able to soften hard water,
you can add some salt no relationship is in the water,
because salt can disinfection,
Sometimes I will wash my face with a spoonful of honey with a spoonful of sugar,
gently massage until brown sugar particles no date,
remember to massage gently,
otherwise it will hurt the skin,
this is peeling,
blood circulation,
and the effect of cleaning,
I personally feel very good.
wash + mineral water face if conditions allow,
can with a little mineral water again in the face of it,
why to use mineral water,
because the mineral water containing metasilicate,
is a good skin effect,
you will find that the mineral water had face super smooth and soft.
And I can use a bottle of four to five days,
so the cost is not expensive.
wash + Aloe Juice washes the face all know to dry my face right,
I generally patted dr