Entertainment until the death of the times, the film is still you and I need

ring ote - / / - recently released movie bainiaozhaofeng is the director of Mr.
Wu Tianmings blood - however this old movie film works from a human heart shown on the face of the row piece rate lower,
less embarrassing situation at the box office last night producer Fang Li in the micro-blog broadcast in addition to mention behind the film is not easy emotional place is he asked to kneel down and kowtow to Cinema Manager in weekend time increase row piece it quickly caused great repercussions to finally turn the Huayi Brothers theater,
Broadway Cinema center and UME studios have expressed full support and promised to increase the discharge sheet so that more viewers to see the excellent works of many filmmakers and artists are sounding behind Han Han in his micro-blog wrote  bainiaozhaofeng way to go today is not easy to establish early art cinema To the non market oriented film more space we read bainiaozhaofeng emerge from the cinema in front of the gate of the cinema is half the Captain