What is the difference between it, the real China made BMW, the new X1?

ring  of the 2016 Beijing auto show,
brilliance BMW officially released the new X1,
the new car adopts the new UKL transverse engine precursor platform,
equipped with domestic 1.
5T three cylinder engine and 2.
0T four cylinder engine.
Compared to cash models,
the new X1 in the appearance,
internal design and configuration have a full range of major innovations.
It is reported that the new car will be officially listed on May 20th,
the pre-sale price of 286 thousand yuan.
Appearance: classic family front styling full of BMW new X1 (hereinafter referred to as the new X1) in terms of design basic design continues the import version of the model,
the new face is still the BMW family design language,
we are very familiar with the classic angel eyes headlights and double kidney grille.
Full front face modeling and thick and powerful chrome decorative strip,
so that the visual impact of the front face is very strong.
car taillights using L type design,
the internal use of LED band style,