The stamp in reputation, is the hard truth 20 brand buyers listen to how to say

ring n of the Jingdong | COSMO annual fashion beauty Festival,
the Red Net 100 awards,
just the end of the whole network of the final vote.
Before the final Top10 list solemnly announced,
we first integrated micro-blog comments,
WeChat message and 100 beauty network red evaluation and other aspects of the data and information,
the selection of the 20 network single product.
Lets listen to the hearts and minds of fans! Home beauty apparatus: KINGDOM,
KD-2331-3 hot and cold spray,
steamed face,
hot and cold three,
with ion spray,
double replenishment,
clean and moisturizing,
so that the skin more flexible.
Fans comments: PHILIPS PHILPS multi-function cleansing instrument,
net penetration,
Hwan live,
bright eyes,
easily bid farewell to stay up late face,
wake up the skin vitality,
good complexion! Fans commented: Whitening Mask: - Lide posture mask leading Runmei strengthening potent moisturizing and nourishing skin and make skin white and shiny.
Fans commented: Ceeture - Xi Quan Quan and Bai Bing moi