The movie seems to eat a pot of spicy and salty enough dirt is Hot pot in Sichuan

by Iqiyi pictures and Beijing born of culture and Arts Co.
jointly produced,
directed by Wang Guangli,
Jing Wong and Liu Yiwei as co producer of the comedy Sichuan arena is the boss thought has pulled mad landing Iqiyi VIP.
This part consists of Sichuan squad and pure comedy like Sichuan Sichuan Hot pot,
spicy and delicious,
full of vigour,
small if you do not give you a good recommendation,
the small life not ashamed of the death star who will eat Hot pot! Spicy multi line interwoven material super solid script foot Internet MIX arena Gang God absurd Hot pot cover and contain everything in one essence,
set thousands of ingredients,
and that is boss is done and the production quality is comparable to the foot,
spicy pot material strong Hot pot.
In the industry and the audience en