Look at the face to give up non mainstream dress Wowkie Zhang thin, Yan value also went up

ring hant teacher is thin! Look at the back,
hey ~ big teacher,
you are really seriously in the weight loss roar! Look at the front,
OMG! Wowkie Zhang is really skinny! This Wowkie Zhang has an obvious jaw line! The whole human spirit,
UP! Look at it carefully,
now Wowkie Zhangs face is actually Qian Fengs face! Are,
me??? And Yans gone up,
too! The big teacher once again proved to us that weight loss really changes color! As everyone knows,
the shape of the big teacher has always been like this.
It feels like.
Relatively non mainstream!!! His hair that marks a pinch of red hair,
is in fact a patch! To 00 after the little boy science,
this is our students when the mainstream standard! Want to have a hair dye? Hurry up and buy patches! And the figure of Wowkie Zhang,
has been quite round the.
Is there a small pot ~ because Wuli teacher eat this are really down to earth! Such as.
Love to eat Flapjack! He said this is a new generation of Beijing boys heart good (need confirmation