I'm just going to buy something expensive

ring  of green can listen to the audio May 13 anchor deer miss read this article today,
ten Jun is not to teach you to spend money,
hope you can for their better oh ~ sometimes think so hard to work,
occasionally reward yourself,
will make their lives more enthusiastic! The paper | twelve - - love those people,
we can not buy things down,
but we can still see love,
let them buy their own.
1 life should not only sacrifice I knew a girl,
like many girls,
when you want to get married,
her husband said to send her a gift,
he took her to the mall in a camera store for a moment,
I have money will buy one for you.
Then they brought back a skirt of three hundred dollars.
The girl was still very happy and wanted to wear it when she got married.
I asked her,
you didnt lose it? Youre getting married.
Are you so willing to spend money? I remember she smiled and said you do not understand,
fuel is the life,
the other is the cloud in the sky,
so he has a heart enough.
A year later,
I saw