Give you 7 days to think about whether you want to stay with me for 520 days... If you're like me

ring trange,
you pay attention to the strange abnormal,
you can not see the picture,
you can turn off the page,
and then open it,
give you 7 days to consider whether or not I have 520.
If youre like me! You open the original just a kid and then we wait 10 days together with the childrens Day Why do not strive for! Suddenly,
the job was done,
and suddenly there was work.
a girlfriend appeared.
Such happiness was called happiness! What a disappointment to work hard to be happy! Is it? Asif really go to Africa yo Deyunshe group built by cannibals.
The chief said,
who is Yue Yunpeng? Stand up for me.
! A long time no one answered,
chief inspiration,
whispered: I can eat a meal for two adults.
At this time only listen to a clear voice in the crowd: my God,
is that so magical? Liu three why,
so why do all girls like to be praised? My wife is,
this morning,
she had to pester me with a few words of praise.
she let me do what I do,
where do I put this face? So when I opened my mouth,