Because of you, this book is not long, life is shorter

ring e ten - - - for your selection of Shi Jun forty-third words I hope you will love today ten Jun to share with you ah ash authors write three lines of letters words per sentence can poke into the heart through a very warm feeling that a lot of expression does not require a long and minute statement a few numbers I you have to understand my mind 2016.
13 | No.
43 will you love yourself enough to love me and that is the one thing I have something good on the world full of love,
now I feel enough to tell you you are my whole world to tell you that I love you,
not to you hope you can return thought I would not feel so bad in despair,
at least one love - secret because of you,
this is not a long life shorter -- stealing the thief of time everyone says my temper is very In fact,
I can also slow soon for example,
behind the dog chased me or you in front of me that a group of people chat: a true friend is who you said half when I got up to go to the toilet,
I am afraid you when it comes to the end,