This summer's Liao Han.

Can summer be far behind? What do you mean by summer in your impression? Is it sweet watermelon,
delicious ice cream,
or warm sunshine? The answer is: These are all! Of course,
there's no shortage of dresses like that! For the lazy star people,
a dress is solved so worry ~ and the most important is that in the summer wearing a cool and comfortable dress up the men of God! You also choose a heart like dress,
change it! Tips: contains a lot of pictures best watch under WiFi Oh ~ ~ can of Korean text we first look at fresh sweet wind dress,
small selection when Shirley Shirley withdrew from the FX demonstration ~ really let Xiaobian also regret now,
but also to support their development.
But to see her now she the film,
from the pure lovely temperament also sent into sweet little woman w