The 4 roles of parents are not to be cast off

ts say,
I just want my children to be happy.
what is a person's life and world,
and what kind of personality and characteristics is happiness? As a parent,
how can your child have future happiness and happiness? As parents,
we are born with four roles,
we must take on,
and we can not escape.
These four roles are authority,
role model.
In order to let children have the ability to build their own lives,
their own world,
in order to help children lay a good foundation,
the responsibility of parents.
We only play the four roles,
in order to give confidence and safety of the child's life,
can let the child be fear or guilt,
in order to have a happy future.
1 authority,
we can ask ourselves: when we were young,
what kind of difficulties and problems did we encounter? Wo