She has a perfect figure, but she likes to play an ugly woman, completely image free, just for the part

is famous for her long leg beauty in Hongkong.
Although her height is only 167CM,
her leg length is 104cm,
and her figure is quite perfect.
80 years after the Pro will sing her song,
he does not love me,
without you,
the love of Hiroshima,
fruit of summer,
single room.
and so on,
is the capital of the first KTV will sing songs.
And her performance in the film is also obvious to all,
completely ignore the image,
just for the role.
She is Karen Mok.
Many parents know that Karen Mok can sing and act,
but she doesn't know she is a standard school bully.
Karen Mok was born in a literary family,
name from the book: the Wen Bing also unpredictable changes.
Gentleman leopard change,
its Wen Wei also.
Brother Maurice is international law department of University of Cambridge.