Football field X Guide Professional Edition (stadium risk, X need to be cautious)

ll field installed X guide.
The Professional Edition (multi warning) football,
as the first game in the world,
was welcomed by the masses.
It's good to play a good shot on the football field,
but not everyone's skill is so good,
mastering the skills of X is a very important technology.
let Xiao Bian teach you some of the football field necessary to install B guide.
First of all,
you have to have a professional football bag.
Put two balls in it,
a new one,
an old one,
and a professional sports kettle.
The firm can not and other players like to drink to buy boxes of mineral water,
but the kettle filled.
can make them the same mineral water.
Yunnan Baiyao spray to the bandage and professional requirements,
leggings board professional.
In addition to the team's uniforms,