10 thousand yuan, how can you maximize your income?

e given ten thousand yuan to manage your finances,
how much would you be willing to pay for it? On the ten thousand yuan,
before planning Jun long ago wrote the article: there are 10 thousand yuan of money,
I spend it or save it? There are still a lot of people to ask the planning King: I have more than 10 thousand yuan of idle funds,
how to invest in order to maximize revenue? Please look at me only very helpless,
you don't know in the planning premise of your financial status,
risk tolerance,
liquidity demand and expected return,
it is difficult to give a detailed proposal.
This 10 thousand dollars is 1 million in a part of the idle funds you ah,
or do you save savings in half? The same is true of 10 thousand.
Maximizing returns has different meanings in different people.
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