This summer's Liao Han.

Can summer be far behind? What do you mean by summer in your impression? Is it sweet watermelon,
delicious ice cream,
or warm sunshine? The answer is: These are all! Of course,
there's no shortage of dresses like that! For the lazy star people,
a dress is solved so worry ~ and the most important is that in the summer wearing a cool and comfortable dress up the men of God! You also choose a heart like dress,
change it! Tips: contains a lot of pictures best watch under WiFi Oh ~ ~ can of Korean text we first look at fresh sweet wind dress,
small selection when Shirley Shirley withdrew from the FX demonstration ~ really let Xiaobian also regret now,
but also to support their development.
But to see her now she the film,
from the pure lovely temperament also sent into sweet little woman w

Three sons and jasmine do nothing but good things

elf design,
book design director for Rao Xueman's resignation; after a business venture,
called the bloom travel brand,
with nearly one million into friends.
Jasmine at the age of three is a wild girl running wild in the field.
She comes to the city with inferiority and obstinacy,
and envies others with beautiful flowers.
At the age of thirty,
created the first domestic travel brand,
owns a five crown from 100% Taobao stores,
and all over the world that countless beauty girl friends,
sharing beautiful flower clothes every day,
by the way achieved little dream to travel around the world.
Jasmine often said,
her story is not a counter attack,
but with good natural growth.
Because believe in good,
so firmly believe that the future will always be better than now.

Highly recommended circle of friends, the most readable 20

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20 maps of human cancer tell you the truth of cancer, a full range of understanding of cancer

what to eat,
what to get cancer,
in the Internet seems to have been the national wildlife health experts all over the world love the topic.
Circle of friends appeared how to rely on cancer prevention scripts,
cancer in the end is how to form? Next,
let's look at the 20 Zhen Zhang phase diagram with the little editor.
Now we recommend a good cancer body interaction diagram to help you understand the relationship between carcinogens and cancer.
The information is based on the WHO and published by the professional associations,
with strong evidence to support,
and the picture is simple and easy to understand,
conducive to health education.
let's learn something about eating and drinking.
What's the relationship between alcohol and cancer? We've also been prompted several times.

The classmate that did not see for many years, suddenly add your friend, mostly because of...

micro-blog has a topic of fire,
said: when a classmate who has not seen for many years,
plus your friend,
for what? Jumping combines all possible possibilities and finds the following possibilities.
TA set of circle of friends like TA getting married TA kids to vote TA to your city TA to find you borrow money TA love you for many years and finally figured out to express TA by the age of marriage was to try to find the object you see seducing your recent photos that you know is much more beautiful than before after you want to tease you please help TA TA to introduce the object if you are overseas and you usually call you free purchasing things if you are learning Chinese suddenly have many years of classmate friend you probably have to help you write the article source: Network

The 4 roles of parents are not to be cast off

ts say,
I just want my children to be happy.
what is a person's life and world,
and what kind of personality and characteristics is happiness? As a parent,
how can your child have future happiness and happiness? As parents,
we are born with four roles,
we must take on,
and we can not escape.
These four roles are authority,
role model.
In order to let children have the ability to build their own lives,
their own world,
in order to help children lay a good foundation,
the responsibility of parents.
We only play the four roles,
in order to give confidence and safety of the child's life,
can let the child be fear or guilt,
in order to have a happy future.
1 authority,
we can ask ourselves: when we were young,
what kind of difficulties and problems did we encounter? Wo

Women want to get rid of endocrine disorders, young ten years old rely on it

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if infringe your rights and interests,
please contact in time,
we will delete for the first time.
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Living list May 2nd WeChat public influence list

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[God] what happens to you when you're pregnant is a baby born with 31 fingers and toes

the big boy Philip Hong (a pseudonym),
born with 31 fingers and toes.
Doctors say this is a rare multi finger disease.
This is / / Philip Philip feet,
a total of 16 toes down down down map / Oriental IC Philip Philip both hands were two hands,
two hands on his left hand out 8 fingers,
the right hand out 7 fingers,
4 palms are no thumbs.
The hands of Hong Hong,
a total of 15 long fingers down down down map / Oriental IC Philip Philip fingers and toes add up to a total of 31.
On May Day,
Philip's father,
Zou Chenglin,
is still looking for medical advice.
He and his wife both work in Shenzhen.
Since the birth of his son,
he kept looking for information and consulting doctors.
The couple with their children ran through Guangdong,
Hunan and other places more than 10

Musical calendar, May 3rd, the godfather of soul, James Brown's birthday

James Brown was born in South Carolina,
known as the godfather of soul,
his life has recorded more than 50 albums,
singles over 119,
Grammy won two awards in 1965 and 1987,
and in 1992 the coronation Grammy lifetime achievement award.

She has a perfect figure, but she likes to play an ugly woman, completely image free, just for the part

is famous for her long leg beauty in Hongkong.
Although her height is only 167CM,
her leg length is 104cm,
and her figure is quite perfect.
80 years after the Pro will sing her song,
he does not love me,
without you,
the love of Hiroshima,
fruit of summer,
single room.
and so on,
is the capital of the first KTV will sing songs.
And her performance in the film is also obvious to all,
completely ignore the image,
just for the role.
She is Karen Mok.
Many parents know that Karen Mok can sing and act,
but she doesn't know she is a standard school bully.
Karen Mok was born in a literary family,
name from the book: the Wen Bing also unpredictable changes.
Gentleman leopard change,
its Wen Wei also.
Brother Maurice is international law department of University of Cambridge.

Amazon founder smart is a gift, and kindness is an option

's talk about five wool.
On September 1998,
Google was established,
and the Google website was opened in the second half of 1999.
Google's evil rule is don't do evil (No).
In January 2000,
Baidu was set up to provide people with simple,
dependent access to information.
In August 19,
Google's shares were listed on the nasdaq.
Baidu listed on the NASDAQ in the United States,
breaking the first day or the highest number of records.
11 years later,
Google's core business has been expanding,
including search,
YouTube and other products,
these products have hit every corner.
The reorganization of the parent company of Alphabet,
the force of space exploration,
life science,
artificial intelligence,
virtual reality,

[new product] solitude is also an ability

people tend to regard communication as a kind of ability,
but neglect to be alone is also a kind of ability,
and in a sense,
it is more important than communication.
being socially inept is a pity,
and loneliness is not a serious flaw,
says Zhou Guoping.
Solitude is also an ability,
not something anyone can have at any time.
Have this ability does not mean that no longer feels lonely,
but lonely at ease and productive.
A long time ago,
when people gathered to live together,
their chances of survival were greatly improved; nowadays,
people begin to be alone and have time to think.
With the change of times and accumulation of knowledge,
the problem of survival is not the most important thing in the eyes of most people.
They are more willing to spend some time on their own

This week, A shares strategy, foresight, liquidity and performance, now who is more important?

of this article is stock picking treasure APP (stock selection treasure,
new version of the new line,
every push is an opportunity),
authorized Wall Street informative publication.
This week,
analysts focused on the more important discussion of liquidity and performance improvement.
Guotai Junan Joe forever for everyone worried about the early bond market that: the bond market credit farce is gradually ending,
after the market worried that credit default triggered a liquidity crisis will gradually ease.
And the current market evaluation,
said: the current market risk appetite is still in a low position,
investors have no sense of good,
but over reacted to bad.
Market will continue to move forward under the expected repair,
firm cycle.
CITIC construction Wang Jun said in the current m

10 thousand yuan, how can you maximize your income?

e given ten thousand yuan to manage your finances,
how much would you be willing to pay for it? On the ten thousand yuan,
before planning Jun long ago wrote the article: there are 10 thousand yuan of money,
I spend it or save it? There are still a lot of people to ask the planning King: I have more than 10 thousand yuan of idle funds,
how to invest in order to maximize revenue? Please look at me only very helpless,
you don't know in the planning premise of your financial status,
risk tolerance,
liquidity demand and expected return,
it is difficult to give a detailed proposal.
This 10 thousand dollars is 1 million in a part of the idle funds you ah,
or do you save savings in half? The same is true of 10 thousand.
Maximizing returns has different meanings in different people.
Many pe

Every day every day you are alive, a martial artist, a father, a photographer, are grateful

olidays are over,
life goes on.
Today we tell a story about a little girl.
Her name is Ishikawa Mayu.
Now she is 7.
She is in primary school.
Although she was two years behind the others,
although the students did not care about the long scar on her chest,
she was actually a miracle.
Zero heartbeat,
zero blood pressure.
We thought the heart operation had been successful,
but suddenly it turned out like this.
They do re open your chest cardiac pacing,
as we soon give up,
your heart began beating a little.
Friends of Ma was born on the second day I was diagnosed with congenital heart disease,
the doctor told friends of Ma's father,
she will do at least 3 major surgery to live.
possible to save the back,
take a picture,
the doctor said I haven't fully realize the j

Sometimes life requires a little triangle

rst visual magazine,
the most popular picture number,
click the title below the blue word,
pay attention to the vision,
do not be afraid,
today is about home,
not triangle love.
We come at a long triangle at the mirror,
geometrical modern fashion sense.
The height of a man in the living room,
forced by now.
The toilet is not particularly love gorgeous round mirror,
go into the long triangle to hang on the wall or whatever in his hand,
is the camera pose weapon! Not long whitewashers don't want a large area of wallpaper,
this is not very good? Is the atmosphere with long living room.
The entrance with a personality.
As long as you love,
study and children room for two.
Long triangle the small side table,
even if the male god I am very proud to come home.
Long triangle metal vase and flower

For five years, the girl came to her aunt every day

unt general can 5 days have been self styled female man,
but Australia Perth City has a 27 year old girl,
aunt that is 5 years! At the age of 14,
Chloe Christos came to his aunt for the first time and didn't finish until he was 19 years old.
Even after 5 years,
the chicken soup could not be filled with water.
Look at the skinny girl.
You might be wondering,
why don't you go to the hospital early? Because the sister panic,
big aunt this thing will not panic,
one will not go more panic.
Imagine having a place in your body every day.
What's the flow of blood? And the bleeding place is still the girl's most shy? At this point,
the teacher forced the boys and girls to separate on the physiological health course,
or reasonable.
I know what's wrong,
but I'm sorry to ask anyone,

Football field X Guide Professional Edition (stadium risk, X need to be cautious)

ll field installed X guide.
The Professional Edition (multi warning) football,
as the first game in the world,
was welcomed by the masses.
It's good to play a good shot on the football field,
but not everyone's skill is so good,
mastering the skills of X is a very important technology.
let Xiao Bian teach you some of the football field necessary to install B guide.
First of all,
you have to have a professional football bag.
Put two balls in it,
a new one,
an old one,
and a professional sports kettle.
The firm can not and other players like to drink to buy boxes of mineral water,
but the kettle filled.
can make them the same mineral water.
Yunnan Baiyao spray to the bandage and professional requirements,
leggings board professional.
In addition to the team's uniforms,

He died ten Mo with the latest position of waste paper Xi Jinping on corruption

ople's daily client Author: Yue Xiaoqiao today,
people's Daily published the full text of the general secretary of the CPC Central Committee,
state president and CMC Chairman Xi Jinping at the eighteenth session of the Central Commission for Discipline Inspection of the sixth plenary meeting of the speech.
This is the six plenary session of the eighteen Central Commission for Discipline Inspection since January 12th Xi Jinping speech,
his speech full text was disclosed for the first time.
Judging from the current anti-corruption situation,
to the next step in the deployment of anti-corruption action,
in about fourteen thousand words of speech,
Xi Jinping raised what the latest anti-corruption discussion? People's daily clients for you exclusive comb.
On January 12th,
Xi Jinping delivered a

China Eastern Airlines aircraft landing after landing with a return that pierced the wing

s tires were damaged.
The wing is pierced by foreign objects.
The day before yesterday morning,
a China Eastern Airlines flight from Chengdu to Kangding,
due to bad weather at the airport,
after the ground to fly back,
but fortunately no casualties.
According to the relevant departments disclosed that the aircraft landed after inspection found that the tire damage,
the level of stability by foreign body breakdown.
Last night,
China Eastern Airlines Sichuan Branch issued a preliminary investigation of security incidents.
Informed that the aircraft when landing in Kangding does not meet the weather conditions,
decided to wait for 20 minutes,
then landed on runway 15,
low visibility,
and reduced visibility in judging height,
unit interrupt landing,
low altitude flying,
return to Chen

These things happen in the foreign exchange industry today

above the blue word may be concerned about the convergence of media business: foreign exchange investment in the field of new media platform.
Pay attention to the dealer media WeChat (ID:forexpress123),
will be free to participate in the line throughout the country Sharon,
and get a copy of the industry research report.
Fortress Prime new CEO two months after leaving office,
has been notorious Dubai foreign exchange broker Fortress Prime recently reported high-level resignation.
Nidal Abdelhadi,
chief executive of the end of February before joining the Fortress Prime's decision to leave.
Traders reported earlier that Nidal Abdelhadi had been an institutional sales executive for nearly ten years at Swissquote and MIG bank.
With Fortress Prime leaving in less than two months,
the industry h