This is the reason why Japan as great teaching China as the only enemy

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com even when the development of China enough to comfort the history of humiliation,
when China development is no longer the people do not want to be slaves to fight,
the driving force is not the enemy of the stimulation of the key to the development of China.
This is also the beginning of Chinas invincible state diplomacy since 1980s,
and has established various types of partnerships with most countries.
But the enemys sense of hardship still can not be ignored,
invincible foreign exchange does not mean that China is now invincible.
Chinese now faces many challenges,
the Philippines and Vietnam in the South China Sea,
the game is often accompanied by military action; the former neighbor India meet on the battleground on the boundary negotiations is still difficult to make progress,
from time to time on both sides of the tent and broke the confrontation,
the surge inevitably let the outer world guess possibility two spark a conflict a

After Ronaldo, the rich handsome VC behind the media...

ring y 11,
Beijing National Innovation Summit Conference Center China spring (the event on the evening of CCTV News) and BANG by CAMP,
Rong Ming capital founding partner of a high Mr Xia at the meeting notes: I talk notes man,
I was actually from an ordinary users point of view notes of man,
man in front of a few notes entrepreneur Demo China,
because I can not go to the site,
did not have the opportunity to hear a lot of several large coffee,
and notes man exists,
caught the speech information.
I think,
in the fragmented information age,
in the sharing economy,
is also a very important theme shared fragments of knowledge,
so I think that man can do it if the notes in particular segments,
doing fine,
it continued to ensure the integrity of the content,
accuracy and high quality I think that man is,
notes can be expected in the future project.
Yung Ming capital founding partner of a man in the field of high notes with joy and excitement,
notes is a toil live,
in our shared economic hear

After the market, Zhuge world because of insolvency, ST company is expected to achieve profitability during the year

ring mic Observer reporter Wang Xueqiao Geng Huili) has not landed three new board for half a year,
immediately be subjected to special treatment (commonly known as ST) Zhuge world (Beijing) Information Technology Co.
(Zhuge repair network) suddenly from a star of the company to the moment standing in the teeth of the storm.
From the point of view of the statement,
the companys profitability is very poor,
it is difficult to imagine (it) can finance.
A professional financial personage pointed out to the Economic Observer newspaper reporter,
Zhuge world report is indeed quite ugly.
Zhuge car network 2015 annual report shows: Zhuge repair network in 2015 operating income of over 95 million 760 thousand yuan,
an increase of 646.
67% over the previous year,
while the involvement of expenditure increased substantially,
the annual loss of 640 million yuan.
Because of the company at the end of the net assets of -2.
88 billion yuan,
in April 21st,
the original securities referred to as t

For the first rose in front of early warning work heavy strikes to see which works the most cool

ring ,
how do I miss you ~ table powder,
todays rainy days,
where are you? The rain of tears,
can not go out Sahuan ah,
good weekend,
Zezheng? Two days ago,
Xiao Bian gave everyone spoilers 2016 world rose intercontinental Congress,
called on everyone to rose the theme of the works,
writing ah ah ah and so on,
even a conference on Roses blessing,
a variety of forms can be! After the call was issued,
a lot of table powder with small series occupy position,
said the weekend to go out to shoot flowers,
go to sketch,
let Xiaobian leave some 40 percent off of the tickets,
ha ha ha ha ha,
too cute! What do you mean by 40 percent off of my ticket? When Xiao Bian not said why ~ usually create a round table and rose related works,
text or photos (tip: those who send painting and photography table powder,
need to add pictures Oh!) It will receive a beautiful gift from the round table and enjoy the entrance fee for the theme park at the 40 percent off super low pric

Campus hot spots hidden in the Beijing University stroll baby good place (the first bomb), don't lose good time, and baby to a family swim!

ring rybody.
Do you want to make up? I will do a lot of parents to the nearest small request,
said let Xiaobian help Wuli Beijing hidden for baby walking spots,
local adults less,
can play can learn the best free ~ ha ha Da,
but they think so that you can beat me round table (subscription number: jiaoyuyuanzhuo) small series? Too naive! As the long lived in Xueyuan Roads small Master,
hidden electronic eye in universities,
which have the delicious,
fun how could escape the small peach blossom eye ahem,
small for you to check hidden in Beijing in a university for her good place,
and you pull me,
with me baby,
a university the whole family,
old and young family travel,
learn and play,
dont get too comfortable! 1.
the Museum of Archaeology and art of Peking University,
Peking University,
located in the crane garden of Peking University,
is the first Archaeological Museum in Chinese universities.
Xiao Bian learned ah,
the whole museum exhibition area of about 2000 square meters,
collection covers stone

Your mobile phone these functions, you don't even know

ring ne for so many years,
for your love,
you know how much? How many functions do you really use? Perhaps you never thought that,
in fact,
the mobile phone hidden a lot of unexpected powerful features! Here are a few points.
You can try your cell phone and see if your cell phone is available! 1,
before the simulation site,
360 mobile phones,
F4 and N4 have launched black and bull black technology - geographic location through! It is on social software that displays whatever you want to display! People cant help but want to experience it! But you know,
in fact,
many Android mobile phones already have this function! Is different from the F4 and N4 can be directly implemented in mobile phone and other Android phone through the mobile phone comes with features combined with the third party application also can be achieved through the position! Enter the phone [settings] - [developer options] - [allows analog sites] to open this function (most of the Android phones are).
Once opened,
it can be used in

Do not look, will regret the secret 2016 Cannes Film Festival, under the hood of the actress beware of red envelopes + star private circle of friends

ring ere every year,
especially this year.
2016 Cannes Film Festival opened on the red carpet,
a variety of pleasing to the eye,
all kinds of fancy Drama.
But for the sister,
these are not important,
revealing the secret of the star skirt is king.
This summer you want a star,
Easy! The handsome Yan value Kristen Stewart Christain play small player Louboutin Uptown Ankle-Strap Pumps RMB5493 CL official website for sale price of about Kristen Stewart has always been the neutral wind,
but this epoch-making choice of perspective sexy dress,
flaming lips,
feel deep smoky eye makeup,
plus band red shoes,
very sexy! We have a second child is still Blake Lively Christain Louboutin Youpiyou sexy Sandals CL official website for sale price of about RMB5363 although our hearts forever Queen S this time with his second BB to participate in the festival,
dressed in a beaded dress she is still so hot! As the diehard powder of red soled shoes,
CL must be the first choice! As a spokesperson for LOREAL in Paris,